Custom Software Development

You will land up to an expensive deal in customized software development if you are not much aware of the industry. But there is a solution ready for you as well; you just have to walk up to us at MNF Technologies and return with a solution. We are a custom software development company in Durgapur that can efficiently handle the most complex aspects of web applications. We specialize in developing customized embedded software and system software that requires an integrated development process, and the best professional software developers form an integral part of our company.

Types Of Software Development We Provide

Client-Server Development

We specialize in developing dedicated applications for the client-server environment. These applications will distribute the task between these two roles, thus facilitating efficient coordination and cooperation within a premise.

Robust Database Development

MNF Technologies  is constantly in the process of rediscovering new technologies and trends when it comes to customized software development. In addition, we design and develop innovative database applications to boost administrative performance and other business processes.

Web Application Development

While developing web applications, we always try to balance user experience and aesthetics. We oversee complex projects, and that too with ease. Our experts are trained and certified in this domain.

Our Process